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Economic rent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediawikipedia.orgEconomic rentFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about economic rent in political economy and socioeconomics另类专区百性阁

Economic Rent Definition | Investopediainvestopedia.comEconomic rent is the positive difference between the actual payment made for a factor of production (such as land, labor or capital) to its owner and 长泽梓大战黑人bt

【economic_rent】什么意思_英语economic_rent在线翻译_有道词典 Pure economic rent 纯经济租金 ; 纯粹经济地租 locational or economic rent 出租租金 Insurance economic rent 经济租金 rent economic 经济租金 ; 经济地租 春暖花开性cc视频bt区

Economic rent | Define Economic rent at Dictionary.comEconomic rent definition, the return on a productive resource, as land or labor, that is greater than the amount necessary to keep the resource producing

Economic rent: Definition from Answers.comanswers.comAppraisal: market rent. See also contract rent . Economics: cost commanded by a factor that is unique or inelastic in supply

AP经济学问题:economic rent和transfer earning是什么_百度知道baidu.com1个回答 - 提问时间: 2012年04月07日最佳答案: economic rent 经济地租,即利用土地或其它生产资源所得报酬扣除所费成本的金额,即超过成本的纯收入(实际包括平均利润和超额利润两部分)。经济地租又可分为